Financial Planning

How we Work

Initial Consultation:

The purpose is to identify your needs and objectives, pinpointing the relevant facts and information. Outline our services and costs and establish the basis on which you would wish to proceed.

Review and Recommendation:

A meeting to present our analysis and findings and put forward our recommendations as to how to meet your aims and objectives.

This could be on a specific issue or an overview of your entire financial situation.

Our areas of expertise, which may involve different specialist advisers are:

Protection Review:

An assessment of your current plans covering, life and ill-health. The consequences of death or long term illness on the finances of your family.

Identification of shortfalls in the length of time cover lasts or the amount of cover and the potential costs of any amendments recommended.

Pension Review:

A review of your existing pension arrangements in terms of the options available to you and an investigation into existing plans if required.

Your aims and objectives for retirement, both how much and when.

Retirement Planning:

A review of the options available to you on taking income on retirement.

Long Term Care Review:

A review of your existing situation and the options available. The potential cost and impact on your income and assets.

Ongoing Review Service:

An essential part of ensuring that you and your family remain on track towards achieving your objectives. Circumstances, objectives, economic climate and legislation change over time and it’s important your financial affairs don’t lag behind.

A review also gives us the opportunity to discuss any changes that may be relevant to you.

This may involve the following;

Taxation review:

A review of your current investments, savings and pensions in terms of making the best use of tax allowances.

Savings and Investment Review:

An assessment of your attitude to risk and a complete review of existing investments, together with a review of your aims and objectives. Then we can see how your existing plans meet those objectives and identify how best to remove any shortfalls identified.

Estate Planning Review:

This process only starts once we have your agreement on the strategy to be put in place.

This may involve arranging new investments and amending existing plans or a specific arrangement.

Regular Review meeting:

Telephone and email access to our specialist Advisers, plus a face to face meeting (can include Skype) to review your situation either six-monthly or annually.

Valuation service:

Investment and pensions valuation forwarded to you either six-monthly or annually.

Client Services Support:

Access to our dedicated Client Service team during business hours.

Portfolio Review Service:

Valuation and assessment of current holdings, together with recommendations on individual funds.

Protection Review:

Assessment of any changing circumstances, resulting in the need for increasing or decreasing protection.

Pension Review:

Updates and assessment of any changes which may be relevant together with the impact on your future objectives.

Taxation Planning Service:

Updates and assessment on tax limits and use of allowances and tax advantaged products.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Forecasts:

Assessment on meeting your objectives within the confines of current economic conditions and any changes needed.

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The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate Will Writing, Loans, Credit Cards, or some forms of Mortgage, Tax Advice, Offshore Investments, Estate Planning.